Welcome to NM.Engineering, a blog created by engineers, for engineers.

Our engineering culture at Northwestern Mutual is full of bright minds and talented leaders, innovating and pushing the boundaries of some of the most advanced technology today. We care about how we work as much as about what we do, and we believe that having an inspiring, inclusive culture where our engineers thrive will empower them to bring their best selves to work each day, share ideas and talents with others, and give back.

In this spirit, we created this blog. We want this to be a reflection of our values of inclusivity, cultivating talent, and sharing ideas. We hope this can be a catalyst for new ideas and innovation – both for us and for you, too. We also want to share and start conversations with all of you about the things that matter most to the tech community.

So what matters to engineers at Northwestern Mutual? Here are some of the themes you can expect them to share in this blog:

Our Distinctive Digital Experience.

Our mission at Northwestern Mutual is to transform the experience of financial security for our clients and financial advisors through the development and delivery of world-class digital experiences, powered by a modernized tech platform and organization. Our engineers are at the forefront of this effort, through advancements in Cloud engineering, Web and mobile innovation, new digital capabilities and technology breakthroughs.

Building a Tech Hub.

We’re passionate about fostering a thriving tech hub in our hometown of Milwaukee and continuing to build our strong tech presence in New York City. We need a strong and vibrant technology ecosystem to attract creative thinkers, digital innovators and the very best talent. Our commitment includes investing in innovation, technology and startups, growing digital talent and advancing STEM.

Digital Innovation.

We’re also making world-class software–and open sourcing bits we’ve found useful so others can benefit. Kanali and Regent are great examples of frameworks we’ve shared with the Open Source community already, and the Engineering section of this blog will outline how we leverage Open Source Software (OSS) to build great experiences for our clients and planners.

Core Capabilities.

We’re focused on strengthening engineering core capabilities that enable us to deliver seamless, integrated and distinctively digital experiences for our clients and financial advisors. These digital “Legos” allow us to meet the evolving expectations of our clients and field, while also accelerating the delivery of the next generation of technology.

Talent and Culture.

We believe in growing and optimizing engineering talent to enable everyone to do their very best work. We offer learning paths that create opportunities for engineers to strengthen or upskill their existing capabilities, such as Engineering Boot Camps and robust training and development programs. And our new Women in Tech Community is a great example of our ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion.

I’m proud of what we’ve got to show you and I’m excited for what’s to come—I hope you like it too 🙂